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Cloud computing is a style of computing that is virtual and dynamically scalable. It is accessible anytime, anywhere, using any device. Hence the term “on-demand availability.” The unique characteristics of cloud computing are its elasticity and available capacity ready to be consumed on demand.

Consumers can access applications online, which are abstracted from the IT infrastructure environment. Consumers pay only for what they consume. It’s also called a utility model, much like the electric and water utility companies.

Companies are adopting cloud computing as an enabler for their business by leveraging external infrastructure at a lower cost, therefore providing more services.  This will give them a better competitive advantage. Companies working on the SAP system can also experience the benefits of SAP cloud computing.

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Cloud Strategy and Assessment Services

Enterprise Cloud Readiness Assessment:

ExpoTech will conduct a formal detailed assessment of your environment including
  • Application virtualization
  • Infrastructure and Platform virtualization
  • Data synchronization
  • Integration points
  • Application performance
  • Security and Compliance
  • Value proposition and costs

Types Of Cloud

Private Cloud

ExpoTech will design a complete end-to-end integration and orchestration of a private shared resource for internally managed enterprise applications development supporting continuous operations and DevOps.

Public Cloud

Expotech will assess cloud provider’s partners based on your business objectives and needs. ExpoTech will design a turnkey solution leveraging IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS providers. ExpoTech will help you deploy Disaster recovery as a Service (DRaaS), as well as Storage as a Service (SaaS).

Hybrid Cloud

ExpoTech provides a team of experts to help your organization orchestrate a hybrid cloud approach. The hybrid cloud will help you strategize, plan, manage and execute the most optimal approach with a maximum return on investment and the highest possible security. A hybrid cloud approach focuses on leveraging your internal capabilities as well as your external cloud provider’s technologies.

Cloud Computing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

ExpoTech will formally conduct a TCO analysis using our best methodologies to assist your organization to analyze and the costs, and the business efficiencies, economic value as a return.

Cloud Computing Reliability and Scalability:

Cloud computing reliability and scalability is designed to grow with your company. Unlike other hardware and software resources that are designed for predetermined values, cloud computing can adjust capacity for more resources as the demand increases. With SAP cloud computing, you can take your business operations to levels you did not think were possible.

ExpoTech Agile Business IT Development Model

ExpoTech Cloud Deployment Model

Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture

Cloud computing architecture is based on a reliable virtual infrastructure, platform, and software that can be owned by the organization or rented from a 3rd party cloud provider.

Cloud services delivered via the internet over servers with different levels of virtualization technologies from data centers. Consumers can access these services on demand from anywhere anytime from any device and only pay for the usage of the service. If you are interested in cloud computing for your business, contact our IT specialists to inquire about cloud readiness assessment today.

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